bitches got rob’d

i can’t wait till my horse head mask comes in the mail


does it hurt loving sharks and being sexier then john egbert?

it hurts so good



i drew a shark

i drew a shark

167,201 plays


I took the drums and guitar off of Don’t Stop Me Now so you could appreciate the vocal work of Freddy Mercury in a more stripped down context

its just like… there’s omething crazy about this guys voice, what he’s doing with it, and the production of the vocals is really good obviously, perfect amount of reverb, the harmonies are all perfectly recorded and if you catch it a couple of times they throw in a seperate track that’s phased… just… a very interesting choice… im stoned

oh my god

it’s cool that my dash isn’t flooded with notes on that post


instead of that it’s just all my friends reblogging it from eachother

which takes up like

20x as much space as a note does

I wonder if in the Pokemon universe, if any trainers ever sexually harass their Pokemon.


I mean, we hear about humans fucking animals in our world, so who’s to say it wouldn’t happen there?

Would Ash be the top or the bottom?

why was I tagged in this

what are you implying

are you saying i’d do that

no what is wrong with you

no no no no no no no no no

Shut up stop asking me questions




I love how everyone still associates “Anonymous” with 4chan’s /b/

no really

i love it guys



behind this sexy green leg of mine i’m shirtless

behind this sexy green leg of mine i’m shirtless

and now i’m sitting here with my flesh suit on

or am I sitting here naked?

you decide